A Simple, Sustainable, Autopilot Practice

The past several weeks have been a buzz of activity as my team and I finalized the materials for Trade Like A Pro. The course officially started on Monday, and the feedback so far has been positive.

My intention in developing and refining Trade Like A Pro over the past ten years is to be a force for positive change in the industry. To equip investment advisors and portfolio managers with the best tools and empower them with the skills needed to attract new clients, manage existing assets, and protect assets from a future correction.

I am confident that the program that I have developed and that my team helped me convert from a live workshop into an online program will fulfill that intention.

It is nice to be on the other side of “The Launch” and to be in full coaching mode now.

As this is the first time I am delivering this course virtually, I am going to be enhancing the course materials with four bonus Live Q&A sessions that I announced yesterday. Not only that, but I will also treat every student in this run of the program as a direct coaching client and have promised 24/7 access to me during the next five weeks.

A Simple, Sustainable, Autopilot System

You may be wondering how I have the fortitude and energy to do so. After all, I officially retired from full-time trading several years ago.

It is because of the discipline and the tenets of Trade Like A Pro, and my systematic way of approaching my business and my life.

Trade Like A Pro takes the student on a journey from retail money management to money management in the style of hedge funds and endowments: what I term “professional” money management. Hence the name: Trade Like A Pro.

The journey begins with a shift in mindset, which is necessary to transform the way you approach trading and asset management.

But at the core of Trade Like A Pro is a system of rules and processes that will transform the practice of every student who completes the training.

And it is that systematized approach to trading which I have extrapolated into my Practice Management and extended now into the virtual world of course creation and coaching.

Without a systematized approach to trading, honed over decades in the industry, and a systematized approach to people and an autopilot system for practice management, the Trade Like A Pro course could not exist, the Mastermind Group could not exist, my supportive and proactive coaching relationships could not exist, and even this website could not exist.

Without An Autopilot Practice, It All Falls Apart

I consider myself extremely fortunate to have had a career that exposed me to the rules and systems of Professionals early on in my career.

That’s why I am passionate about sharing those tools with my colleagues and peers. The next five weeks will be new territory for me as I am delivering this material in a new format to three different types of practitioners:

  1. Solo, new or Product Focused Practice
  2. Non-Discretionary Management
  3. Discretionary Management

In this extraordinary time in human history and the impact that these times are having on both Wall Street and Main Street, it’s an exciting time to be learning how to Trade Like A Pro.

And it’s an essential time to re-imagine your professional and personal life. I am excited to be learning alongside my students over the next few weeks and can’t wait to discover how they will each tailor the tools to their particular style of trading and implement the systems into their practices.

Next Cohort Q1 2021

Canadian Securities Institute

If you want to improve your performance in uncertain times and increase your profitability the Trade Like a Pro ver.11 course launches in February 2021. Endorsed by CSI for all financial advisors.

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