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One of the biggest challenges many advisors face is building a high-performing team to service the needs of clients. Why? In a word: people. People not doing the right thing at the right time. People not following through. The list goes on.

If you want to join the ranks of millionaires or even billionaires who seem to have the magic that leads to exponential results, you need to learn to build a high performing team.

Fortunately, there’s a blueprint for doing just that.

Hiring The Right Person For The Job

Assessments are one of the greatest tools to assist in hiring. Profiling tools like Myers-Brigg or DISC can help your employees work together as a team while pushing your organization toward new heights.

Using the DISC, a practice manager can clearly identify where the strengths of the team lie and if any gaps exist. It can help identify how an individual would react to new challenges or how he or she is likely to behave in a team situation. Misunderstandings, miscommunications, and personality clashes prevent teams from being effective.

I rely on an assessment tool to assist me in building my team. It doesn’t solve all the problems. But it does solve a lot of the challenges and allows me to leverage the power and profitability of a team in full flow, their talents fully harnessed, enjoying mutual trust and clarity. When that happens, you free up big chunks of valuable time, you stop stressing, and suddenly work is something you look forward to.

Criteria For High Performing Team Infrastructure

An exponential team is a group of individuals working toward a common vision, who are knowledgeable, motivated, happy, healthy, and running the business on auto-pilot. When you’re working with the people who are in the right part of the business and the right people are in the right roles, it feels great! Everything flows. Teams who are in a state of flow are more productive and more profitable.

With an exponential team behind you, you really can better service your assets under management and future proof your practice.

But if you’re working with people and you’re having to manage all the time, or motivate all the time, or you’re trying to do everything yourself because you don’t have a team you can truly trust, you’re stuck in the “me” thinking, rather than the “we” thinking that will secure your future success.

Chances are there may be one or two people that are not the right people for the team or they’re not the right roles for the team. How can you tell? A quick assessment is to think about who is it that you interact with that adds to your energy bucket and who is it that, when you interact with them, drains your energy. It doesn’t mean anything wrong with this person: you just need to understand when they are going to need your energy, what kind of space you need to be in.

An assessment tool like DISC can help understand your strengths as a leader and who you need around you. More critically, it will also help you identify who are the right people you’ve got around you and who are the people that you’re going to need to reorganize or redeploy.

How Much Is Your Recruitment Costing?

It’s difficult to attract the right kind of candidate.

The cost of a wrong hire if they leave within the first 12 months is about $25,000 per person if they don’t work out. In the Practice Management Course, we teach a simple hiring process that will allow you to find and retain the right person for your team. Then you can train and motivate them around the vision you have for your business while managing the team and business for Exponential Growth.

We also help you assess the strengths of each team member and identify the role their skills are most suited for on your team, giving you the tools necessary to make your team more profitable, focused, and motivated because everyone is working in their zone of brilliance.

Leaders are known for their ability to foresee and create a dynamic environment that enables change. Unlock the talents in your team and engage their energies, so they can find their flow and help your business grow.

Take action now and start attracting and developing the high performing team you deserve.

If you want to get a blueprint for exactly who you need to recruit to reshape your team, contact us today!

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