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Future Proof Your Life and Your Business

Avoid Being Blindsided By Outside Forces

Every practice must contend with two time frames that are vital to success. The present, full of its myriad distractions, and the future, where the hope of greater success resides. The past no longer exists, but for too many it remains a constant interference. Advisors who place the past in its proper sphere as tutor, and learn its lessons, are able to concentrate time and effort in the work of understanding the present and preparing for the future.

In this online course, we consider all three time frames and examine the beliefs, habits and practices that got us here, but will not get us to the next level. Through the use of various business planning exercises you will create a sustainable review and planning process to use for the rest of your career. You will learn a simple easy to execute process to analyze your business, review your results, and better prepare for the future. Take less time and create greater results.

The best practitioners in any industry have mastered Future Proofing their practice and have achieved outstanding results because of their mastery. You will practice this skill live during the workshop and learn to apply it to all your decisions. But just as important as the planning process is, implementation is critical. We will examine how to properly execute, so that all the value gained in planning is leveraged throughout implementation.

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Future Proof Your Life & Business

The complete course to help you master the difference between planning/goal setting and implementation review so you can stop planning and create better results.

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    We will analyze the beliefs you hold that place your business and future at risk and how to change them to empower your life and your practice.


    We will focus on specific daily habits that create simple routines for your team to execute that will increase productivity and boost profits.

    Lean Business

    We will apply the tools of the best practices to streamline your business for better time management, improved client contact, and more free time.

    Breakthroughs Occur When Insight Is Paired With Better Solutions

    Lloyd has Trained Over 10,000 Brokers in Marketing & Practice Management

    Five years ago I was frustrated and considering changing careers. Instead of finding a new career, I was led to Lloyd Williams. Not only has Lloyd helped me better than double my production over the past 5 years with a simple, easy to follow fee-based business model, he has helped me become a better advisor, husband and father. Thanks Lloyd.
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