Notion As a PARA-based Second Brain

Often we try to keep our most active projects and tasks “top of mind.” Though the brain is a poor storage device, and makes makes retaining an overload of information difficult. You would never buy a computer that lost as much data as our brain does every year. Memory is not the brain’s primary or best function. Processing, pattern recognition, and decision making are its greatest strengths. Our brains are more like the CPU in our computers, rather than the hard drive. For this reason the old adage is still true. 

Change the Conversation

“I have used the five questions several times and realized that it has changed the conversation (for the better).  In many cases, after asking the questions it has changed my approach in the conversation – which has focused it more on the needs of the client.  I am also having a better conversation with certain clients that have been more difficult in the past.”

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