CSI Hosts Exclusive Town Hall Webinar

Canadian Securities Institute (CSI) hosted an Exclusive Town Hall Webinar on April 7th, for Financial Advisors titled:

How are your clients Doing? How are you doing?

Barry LaValley and Dr. Gillian Leithman, and myself shared thoughts on three vital skills. Hundreds of advisors attended the meeting. Below is a description of the content and a link to the video.

CSI Video Replay

The CSI Webinar recording is below: 
Video start time for each speaker:

  • Barry LaValley – 4:58
  • Gillian Leithman – 29:29
  • Lloyd Williams – 1:07:55

Personal Stress Management

Advisors can only help their clients to the degree that they are whole themselves. Healthy practices help address the root causes of anxiety, fear, and resistance. Each advisor redirect their energy and start again to engage in a positive direction.

Client Relationship Management

Advisors must engage with clients in face-to-face communication—online or live. Moving their focus from performance to dreams. And then maximize the great opportunity that lies before them.

Practice Management

We discussed the difference between “client years” and “prospect years.” Why performance today is irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. How and what to say to identify their “real” clients. How to gather more assets this year than they have in any year of their career. Each advisor left the call with specific next steps and actions. Avoid directing all your attention to the wrong households. Don’t miss the opportunity possible in the lives of your clients and practice.

CSI plans on hosting a followup presentation focused on Practice Management next week. Subscribe to receive details for registering.


CSI Hosts Webinar with Lloyd Williams

CSI Exclusive Town Hall Webinar | Canadian Securities Institute

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