Fear of the Markets: Questions to Ask To Anticipate With Optimism

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Questions to Ask When Faced With Fear of the Markets

Fear of the markets is a rising concern among many financial professionals. With the volatility of recent weeks and memories of periods like the ’87 crash and the continued stresses and effects of the pandemic, fear can quickly start to creep in. Left unchecked, that fear can turn into panic selling, which can negatively impact your clients.

When you become fearful of the uncertainty of the market, ask yourself:

  • What is the condition and context of the Monthly, Weekly, Daily SPX?
  • What are the hypotheticals?

The danger is real; fear is a choice we make when faced with the uncertainty of the unknown. The professional creates hypotheticals to allow them to remove fear of the markets and anticipate the possibilities that exist. This knowledge better equips them to deal with the uncertain that is now anticipated and no longer unknown. The professional doesn’t care whether the market is going to go up or down. The professional understands there is a way to make money in all directions.

Trade Like A Pro teaches how to analyze and understand the condition and context of the market and shares strategies to anticipate the market’s actions and prepare a response.

Armed with your hypotheticals, you no longer fear the markets of fear a crash; you have a known action to take. You no longer miss an opportunity; you have a pre-determined step to take, whether the market goes up or down.

Remove your fear, then help your clients and prospects remove their fear of the markets. Remember, fear is a choice. The Danger is real, but a few simple questions asked daily help you understand the danger and anticipate your response.

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