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    Want To Trade Like a Pro & Capture More Assets?

    Professionals and Endowments avoided the correction because they manage money differently than Retail. You too can manage your assets like a professional.

    There’s never been a better time to start Trading Like a Pro. Infuse new life into your current investment process. Don’t change it, improve it. Include the best of what the endowments do to better understand the markets. Benefit from the risk management techniques of hedge funds. Whether you manage mutual funds, stocks, ETFs, or oversee managed accounts. Build a professional investment process.

    Attract Clients: A Financial Advisor's Guide to Building & Running A Profitable Practice

    Most Financial Advisors enter their professional careers not understanding how to build and grow a business.

    Attract Clients: A Financial Advisor’s Guide to Building & Running A Profitable Practice, 2nd Edition offers step-by-step guidance on how to navigate the process of the all-important First Conversation, presentation strategies and handling objections. This book also helps every salesperson understand what adjustments need to be made in order to successfully attract, service, and retain lifelong affluent clients through building and managing an exceptional team.

    Author Lloyd Williams is one of the leading authorities on advocacy-based marketing and developing loyalty with affluent clients and has conducted workshops in over fifty financial service firms across the US and Canada.



    Apply the teachings of Trade Like A Pro to your investment process and trading with Lloyd's time-tested Mastermind Group designed to empower you with the knowledge to dramatically improve your trading skill.

    Who is Lloyd Williams?

    Lloyd Williams is founder of The Mastermind Group, an elite collaboration of Investment Professionals and Traders. Lloyd is unique having managed Retail portfolios, Institutional pools, and Hedge Fund futures. He coaches a select group of financial advisors, executives, and entrepreneurs. Lloyd’s portfolio was profitable every year of his career, including ’87, ’90, and ’96. He later traded ETF’s and  futures profitably through ’00, ’04, ’08, ’15 and trained with some of the best professional traders in the world. Lloyd retired at 43 for the second time and spent the last 20+ years training others. His consulting helps professionals build wealthier practices and avoid market corrections. The Mastermind Group avoided 91% of the 2020 correction to March 23rd. They have also avoided every major correction of the past decade.

    Lloyd Williams

    What people say?

    The conversations we're having now are very different than the 2008 conversations. People are still anxious/afraid but almost all of them are thanking us. All thanks to you my friend!
    CIM, VP, Portfolio Manager - BMO
    The last year of the Mastermind was excellent preparation for this. Who knew it would happen now. While members have made many mistakes in developing their skills, that’s the price needed to be paid to be ready for the “big show”. Having been in the business for decades the same dog and pony show keeps repeating with the big brokerage and media firms. Don’t panic, have a long term perspective, everything is fine...The guys in the office are still heavily invested. Without you, so would we be.
    Managing director, portfolio manager - BMO

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