Is The Trade Like A Pro Course For You?

I am often asked, “Is the Trade Like a Pro course is appropriate for me?” Some who ask are new solo practitioners and others have large experienced teams. Some are licensed to manage only mutual funds and others can buy any security. Some are planners and some are advisors. Some are brokers and some are discretionary managers.

“Very good, wasn’t sure what to expect,
excited about the future of my team.”

My response is, the Trade Like a Pro course is right for you, only if you want to:

  • Gather more assets than you have in the past
  • Protect more of your client’s assets during the next correction
  • Simplify your investment process to a set of clearly defined rules
  • Separate your practice from the herd and attract prospects
  • Incorporate the tools & techniques of endowments and hedge funds
  • Retain your client’s accounts during the increasing volatility in the markets
  • Have more time to be proactive in the life of your clients
  • Take as much or as little control of the investment process as you like
  • Be able to go on vacation and know your client assets are secure
  • Fine tune your successful practice into an autopilot business

“Gave us the edge we have been looking for
and showed us how to execute and communicate it.”

Trade Like a Pro combines the best of professional processes, endowment tools, and hedge fund techniques that overlay your existing practice. Your investment philosophy is unique to your practice and does not need to change. Keep what you like, add what benefits you.

“Feel empowered by the knowledge we received
and the new tools”

The course meets the needs of investors and advisors at different levels:

  • New Advisors will be given a model and all the tools necessary to build their own unique investment process and market it
  • Struggling Advisors who want to change their current process will be shown alternatives
  • Planners who focus less on investments and are more holistic, will find a way to incorporate the parts for a better story
  • Experienced, who have a successful process, will be shown tools to make it even better and create a edge in the marketplace
  • Experts will learn how to incorporate their success into a marketing message and attract more assets

“What I have been looking for,
what clients want and need.”

You determine how much or how little you want to implement and how much time you want to invest. You customize the process to your lifestyle, your practice, and your needs.

For more information and to see the full curriculum click here.

The following is a webinar that explains why Trade Like a Pro is right for you.

00:00 Introduction of Lloyd by Marshall Beyer of Canadian Securities Institute
02:09 Lloyd’s presentation
32:13 Lloyd describes the Trade Like a Pro features and benefits
34:41 Q&A begins
35:53 Will we be given a model to follow?
37:22 How did the Mastermind Group avoid 91% of the 2020 correction?
40:05 Does TLAP fit in with a holistic advisory approach?
41:42 Are Options part of the process?
43:02 Does the information work for new advisors?
45:20 Is the course targeted to short-term trading or portfolio management?
47:16 How can an MFDA advisor benefit from this course?
49:15 Is shorting required for this process?
50:50 What specific tools are used?
52:27 Are dividends and taxes part of the process?
55:17 Will show how to set up stock screens?
57:07 Impact of Computers and AI?

Here are the questions/answers we were unable to answer live during the webinar

“Experience was extremely informative
and will give our team a better edge”

For more information and to see the full curriculum click here.

Starts September 28th

Canadian Securities Institute

If you want to protect more of your client’s assets during the next correction Trade Like a Pro ver.10 course launches September 28th. Endorsed by CSI for all financial advisors.

The ​Highly Effective Strategy ​To Adopt the Mindset & Techniques of Professional Traders to Deliver Superior Performance in Any Market Condition

FREE VIDEO REVEALS professionals avoided the 2020 correction and how you can learn to Trade Like A Pro​.

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