An Online course That helps you establish trust & build deeper client relationships

Marketing As A Relationship Conversation

Understanding How Relationships Are Built Leads To Exponential Results

Clients learn about us by what we do and not what we say. Our actions reflect what is most important to us. If our customer contact time is spent talking about our products, our services, and ourselves, the customer soon understands what is truly important to us and it is not the customer.

The Marketing As A Client Relationship online course examines the aim of marketing. The course begins with the importance of advocacy-based marketing in contrast to solicitation. Next, we explore the all-important First Conversation, which establishes the trust necessary to build deep relationships. Finally, the course delivers the scripts, presentations, and tools required to build and manage a Financial Practice. These are not just concepts to consider, but deliverables to implement in your practice today.

By the end of the course, participants will be able to approach marketing from a different perspective, and will be able to create the equivalent of ten years of trust in a Client/Advisor relationship in only two hours of conversation.

Marketing as a Relationship ConversationCOMING SOON:
Marketing as a Relationship Conversation

The complete course to help you understand the aim of marketing, master the all important First Conversation and attract clients..

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    We will analyze the beliefs you hold that place your business and future at risk and how to change them to empower your life and your practice.


    We will focus on specific daily habits that create simple routines for your team to execute that will increase productivity and boost profits.

    Lean Business

    We will apply the tools of the best practices to streamline your business for better time management, improved client contact, and more free time.

    Breakthroughs Occur When Insight Is Paired With Better Solutions

    Lloyd has Trained Over 10,000 Brokers in Marketing & Practice Management

    While we were doing relationship conversations, getting to know our clients in the past, we have now developed a system of doing it purposefully, instead of intuitively. This has changed the way we are perceived by our clients, and also the way we perceive them, and the way we perceive ourselves. Engaging in the relationship conversation with new clients and with existing clients each meeting, we are able to establish stronger, deeper, broader understanding of the needs and desires, fears and comfort, anxieties and security, of all clients.
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