An Online course that helps you create an agile & efficient practice.

Become A Business Architect

Streamline Processes, Remove Bottlenecks & Take Your Practice To The Next Level

A practice is only as successful as the model upon which it is based. Complicated businesses will not meet the needs of their clients and will fail to attract clients. Convoluted business processes and operational bottlenecks hinder beneficial client relationships. If you’ve hired a team to better serve your client base, how do you take it from good to great?

This online course is designed for business leaders and executives who seek to achieve a “mastery-level” practice. In a series of practical and impactful lessons, the course guides you to positive exponential results by streaming key processes.

The topics to be explored include:

Step outside the herd in your industry and become a better leader.

Marketing as a Relationship ConversationCOMING SOON:
Become a Business Architect

The complete course to help you streamline processes, remove bottlenecks and take your practice to the next level.

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    We will analyze the beliefs you hold that place your business and future at risk and how to change them to empower your life and your practice.


    We will focus on specific daily habits that create simple routines for your team to execute that will increase productivity and boost profits.

    Lean Business

    We will apply the tools of the best practices to streamline your business for better time management, improved client contact, and more free time.

    Breakthroughs Occur When Insight Is Paired With Better Solutions

    Lloyd has Trained Over 10,000 Brokers in Marketing & Practice Management

    The issue is that everyone realizes many of the best clients have been asked "how much pain can you endure?" and then the industry builds a system to make sure the best clients endure the pain they said they can endure. The Client Conversation asks the best client "what is truly important to you?" and then we build a solution around what is truly important for the client. As a result of the client conversation my compensation is not purely financial, but my compensation is enriched with my relationship with my best clients.
    Relationship Conversations
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