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LIVE Q&A with Lloyd Williams
(Recorded March 15, 2022)

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What Previous Participants Have Said About My Workshops & Coaching

“More value added in 16 hours than the 27 years in the business”

“Revolutionary, if offered the chance, do not hesitate"

“Experience was extremely informative and will give our team a better edge”

“I find the course very well structured and set at a great pace. I’m excited to get to the next modules! This course should be an industry prerequisite similar to the CSC!”

“I have been searching for a course like this for many years to learn more about active trading. This course provided a great deal of information and many hours of shared information, videos, and resources which was appreciated."

“Very enlightening on how we can better manage our clients portfolios”

“Huge opportunity to add value”

“Excellent opportunity to learn more about what is really happening in the markets"

“Eye opening. Expanded my outlook on our business."

“Added an edge to our practice.”

“Very good, wasn’t sure what to expect, excited about the future of my team.”

“A valuable workshop for anyone interested in improving their client’s performance on a regular basis.”

“Extremely enlightening, brought ideas / critical things to mind that I never would have seen on my own.”

“I have been a buy and hold Buffet disciple for decades. I have followed you this last decade moving to TLAP. I was sceptical about the methodology however I am much more comfortable with the TLAP info to teach and guide my decisions.”

“I have to say that even though I've been in the industry for years and was a bit skeptical at first I have to say that this course was worth every dollar and minute invested into it. Lloyd is an excellent teacher and his knowledge and passion for helping others is apparent in the time and care he put into creating this course. I'm looking forward to applying the things I've learned to my own investing and can't wait to see what he comes up with next. Thank you Lloyd. You're a real one!”

“I now have a better ability to analyze the market conditions.”

“This experience has been enlightening and empowering.”

“We have an advantage over our competitors now.”

“Opened a door to increase success.”

(REPLAY: The 5 Best Practices Professionals Use To Avoid Major Market Corrections
(Recorded March 10, 2022)

What Previous Participants Have Said About My Workshops & Coaching

“This program will be transformative to our business going forward.”

“Invigorating and encouraging for what might happen.”

“A life changing tool”

“Laid out a framework in which we could create a process"

“Gave us the edge we have been looking for and showed us how to execute and communicate it.”

“Feel empowered by the knowledge we received and the new tools"

“From the beginning, this course has been engaging and inspiring. I was finally able to reveal the gaps in my services that I have been struggling to identify for years. Many questions have been answered, and I now feel encouraged to press on with the advancement of my education. "

“Lloyd brings exceptional industry knowledge and know how to challenge existing academic dogma in the retail investment industry to genuinely help with the way of thinking behind our investment thesis"

“I now have an understanding of how to navigate the markets with confidence.”

"What I have been looking for, what clients want and need.”

“I now have a rules based systematic approach to take advantage of the new market environment.”

“An eye opening two days of information that is needed to improve our investment process and achieve improved results for our clients.”

“I don’t know, what I don’t know. Very different approach to managing money.”

"Very educational. Give you a wider outlook on what you can and cannot control.”

“Eye-opening experience and very worthwhile investment”

“I thought I was taking a course about learning how to read charts. TLAP was much more. The markets have changed. The concepts that I learned will help me align my practice to better serve my clients. I am looking forward to implementing some of the great ideas that I learned, to help me change my business and develop it in a way so that it is different from the herd. Thank you Lloyd! ”

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