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(REPLAY: How Professionals Avoided the 2020 Correction (Recorded December 17, 2020)


00:00 Marshall Beyer opening remarks
02:35  Presentation by Lloyd Williams

44:51 Question 1: Do you need to have an option license to employ protection strategies?

46:14 Question 2: When do you think the next stock market crash takes place?

50:20 Question 3: I am a disciple of Fama and French; and my understanding of their research shows that you can't predict the short term direction of markets (you get it right 50% of the time, and wrong 50% of the time). How does your course align, or disagree with them.

52:43 Question 4: Who is the target audience for this course? Retail investors, discretionary advisors, mutual fund representatives?

56:27 Question 5: Has current unprecedented investment environment (ultra low rates, higher uncertainty, etc.) prompted you to update the course materials?

57:45 Question 6: The importance of asset allocation and asset rotation. What do you think the best asset class is at these times?

1:02:49 Question 7: Can each member of my team access the course under my registration

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