The Sands of Time

This time will embed itself in the memory of our families for the rest of their lives. Make it memorable in a good way. Many are working from home for the first time. Routines have changed. Distractions have increased. Finding that quiet moment may be difficult. But we can transform this time into different vivid remembrance if we desire.

This is a time of “physical distancing” with those outside your circle, it is not a time of “social distancing.” Choose to connect socially despite your physical distance.

Have a picnic in the living room. Game or party night once a week. Dance one night to everyone’s favourite music. Pizza night is always a favourite. Coffee and conversation with friends over Zoom. Story time or read a book together. Zoom with distant family and friends. There is no need to loose connection.

Connectedness is a decision we make, not an action. Choose connectedness over isolation. Use the technology that exists to connect with others. Zoom, Facetime, Skype, or Messenger for visual connectedness. The phone for audio connectedness. An email, handwritten letter, or postcard for written connectedness.

A short handwritten note expresses so much more than we intended. It is tactile to the reader and often saved and cherished for life. Time was set aside to write the note. A small momento can be placed within the note. A new spring leaf, an old photo, or a scent speaks louder than words. I remember once receiving a letter from a dear friend. White beach sand sprinkled out of the envelope. It reminded me of my last visit, when we walked together along the beach at sunset.

It’s the small details in life that make for significant remembrances. Use this time to create small remembrances for yourself, your family, and those around you.

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