“More Value Added in 16 Hours Than 27 Years In Business”

Is Trade Like A Pro (TLAP) worth your time and investment? Rather than me try and convince you, let me let the previous attendees of the TLAP course speak for themselves:

“More value added in 16 hours than the 27 years in the business.”

“Excellent opportunity to learn more about what is really happening in the markets.”

“I now have a rules-based systematic approach to take advantage of the new market environment.”

“An eye-opening two days of information that is needed to improve our investment process and achieve improved results for our clients.”

“I don’t know what I don’t know. Very different approach to managing money.”

A question often asked is, “Do I have to trade every day to Trade Like A Pro?” The short answer is no. Each Advisor determines the time frame they want to trade, based upon several factors:

  • Availability
  • Time horizon
  • Risk parameters
  • Investment instruments
  • Investment philosophy
  • Technology and tools
  • Personal or client requirements

For these reasons, no one can say there is only one way to invest. Each Advisor finds what is best for them. The Trade Like a Pro course helps you discover what works for you, and the concepts and methodologies lay on top of your unique investment process. If you do not have a current process, you will create one during the course that fits you and your clients.

“Experience was extremely informative
and will give our team a better edge”

For more information and to see the full curriculum click here.
Accredited for 20 hours of IIROC Continuing Education – Professional Development

Starts September 28th

Canadian Securities Institute Endorses TLAP

If you want to create an investment process that protects your client’s assets during the next correction Trade Like a Pro ver.10 course launches September 28th. Endorsed by CSI for all financial advisors.

The ​Highly Effective Strategy ​To Adopt the Mindset & Techniques of Professional Traders to Deliver Superior Performance in Any Market Condition

FREE VIDEO REVEALS ...how professionals avoided the 2020 correction and how you can learn to Trade Like A Pro​.

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