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Live Webinar: Why You Need To Trade Like A Pro

Lloyd Williams: Trusted by Clients World Wide

Webinar Host:

Lloyd Williams

Lloyd Williams is founder of The Mastermind Group, an elite collaboration of Investment Professionals and Traders. 

JANUARY 14, 2021

2:00 pm EST

duration: 60 Minutes

Combining the best of Endowment and Hedge Fund management will not only improve your trade management, but it will also enhance your practice.

On this live webinar, I will share how adopting the mindset and techniques of professional traders can help ensure you do not lose the assets you have under management to the likes of Goldman Sachs or JP Morgan.

Assure the survival of your practice and maintain or enhance your lifestyle. Register for my free webinar today.

What Previous Participants Have Said About
Trade Like A Pro

I have been searching for a course like this for many years to learn more about active trading. This course provided a great deal of information and many hours of shared information, videos, and resources which was appreciated."

I have to say that even though I've been in the industry for years and was a bit skeptical at first I have to say that this course was worth every dollar and minute invested into it. Lloyd is an excellent teacher and his knowledge and passion for helping others is apparent in the time and care he put into creating this course. I'm looking forward to applying the things I've learned to my own investing and can't wait to see what he comes up with next. Thank you Lloyd. You're a real one!

This is a great course even if you never trade before. It provides all tool necessary to be a successful trader"

From the beginning, this course has been engaging and inspiring. I was finally able to reveal the gaps in my services that I have been struggling to identify for years. Many questions have been answered, and I now feel encouraged to press on with the advancement of my education. "

“I would like to thank you for the effort you had put into this course. It was well done and been great value to me.”

I thought I was taking a course about learning how to read charts. TLAP was much more. The markets have changed. The concepts that I learned will help me align my practice to better serve my clients. I am looking forward to implementing some of the great ideas that I learned, to help me change my business and develop it in a way so that it is different from the herd. Thank you Lloyd!

“I find the course very well structured and set at a great pace.  I’m excited to get to the next modules! This course should be an industry prerequisite similar to the CSC!”

“I have been a buy and hold Buffet disciple for decades. I have followed you this last decade moving to TLAP.  I was sceptical about the methodology however I am much more comfortable with the TLAP info to teach and guide my decisions.”

Lloyd presented the information in a clear manner and was engaging and willing to help.

Coming from a hobby retail trading background, the TLAP course has shown me what to work on and what to discard to take both my day trading and long term investing to the professional level. If you want to have confidence that your trading education is authentic, Lloyd Williams TLAP course is endorsed by CSI, unlike countless social media marketers posing as "Professional" traders. TLAP also has the best customer service in any course I have ever been in.

Lloyd brings exceptional industry knowledge and know how to challenge existing academic dogma in the retail investment industry to genuinely help with the way of thinking behind our investment thesis"

I am truly grateful for Lloyd to share his deep industry experience with his students in a patient and methodical way. This course is much more than learning how to "trade". Lloyd has given me additional perspectives on how to grow my business, but most of all, enjoy it while doing so. I look forward to connecting with Lloyd again in his future teachings."

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