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Worldview By Relative Strength is a unique analytical tool for relative strength analysis. Investors can use Worldview to analyze the relative strength trends of several securities against a standard benchmark.

Picking the best individual stocks in an asset class is very important, but investing in the right asset classes at the right time can have an even more significant impact on returns, especially in volatile markets or in periods of economic uncertainty.

Worldview was developed to provide investors with a tool that clearly separates the leaders from the laggards in any particular sector without having to spend hours performing fundamental analysis or sifting through a world of information to determine what to buy. Worldview solved this problem with a color-coded ranking table that makes it easy for investors to keep their eye on the big picture.

When stocks in a particular sector are booming, even a mediocre company can deliver notable gains. As Warren Buffett said, a rising tide lifts all boats.

We can never know for sure which asset classes will deliver strong returns in the future. Worldview, however, provides the tools to make solid investment decisions supported by hard data instead of opinions and emotions.

Worldview makes it easy to separate the market leaders from the market laggards. Worldview saves investors time and money because it narrows the focus to the parts of the market that deserve attention for further analysis.

Keep in mind that these are relative performance indicators, and there is still a risk that the rotation turns back or even reverses. As with all analytical tools, these relative performance indicators should be used with other technical tools to give investors a more complete picture.

Accessing the Tool

Managers of Family Trusts or Individual investors can access the Worldview report by clicking here.

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